Brunhilde Schneemann

written by Brunhilde Schneemann

Brunhilde Schneemann is a housewife in Dusseldorf, Germany. For the past few years she has been hard at work on her epic fantasy romance saga, A Game of Throbs, from which this story is culled. It currently clocks in at 4000 pages and her aim is for it to be 'the War and Peace of literature about celebrities who are vampires and werewolves'. A prison visitor in her spare time, she tries out her works by reading them to the inmates, whom she likes to call her 'captive audience.' She has been shanked twice and sparked one riot. 'Feedback is important,' she says. Together with her mentor and writing coach Ulrich Haarburste she is a founder member of the Dusseldorf School, a literary movement dedicated to a searing and even gritty realism in romance fiction and efficient punctuation. Ulrich is currently represented by British humourist Michael Kelly.