Canyon St. Crevasse

written by Canyon St. Crevasse

Canyon by name, canyon by nature: surprisingly deep and dangerous to be around. Born on a mountaintop, while thunder roared and the sun painted the horizon burnt umber and savage pink, and Toto's 'Africa' played on the radio. Learned the power of words at the feet of legendary Tajik poet Mirzo Tursunzoda, the man who first popularised the saying 'Where's the beef?'. Wrote his first poem at the age of three. It was about cats. Wrote his first novel at the age of eight. It was also about cats. Wrote his second novel at the age of 29, which was about cats, but this time they were sentient, human-sized cats and they lived in a city in the sky named Meow Town. It has sold 13 copies. Currently resides in an abandoned chalet in Vermont, with his cat, Marbles, and his other cat, Goliath. He is unmarried. Canyon St. Crevasse can be contacted via Twitter, Instagram, carrier pigeon or a website belonging to someone called 'Luke Ryan', a name that sounds totally made up.