O. Starrey Knight

written by O. Starrey Knight

O. Starrey Knight is a fledgling author and figure skater therapist. Her moving depiction of a traumatic exam result she suffered in year nine English was acclaimed as a world-first by judges at last year’s Eugene Regional Figure Skating Therapy Championships. They called it ‘a dramatic portrayal of the lasting grief that getting a B in high school can have on a-now-forty-eight-year-old-woman, and a testament to the real power of figure skating in overcoming such tragedies’. She is currently working on an erotic fan fiction tribute to the United States’ own Declaration of Independence, which the renowned Swedish theatre director Cressida von Cresside has expressed interest in adapting to the stage. In addition to all these achievements, Knight is an accomplished seamstress and tail designer, handcrafting the safety pins by which the tails are attached to the bottom of the human’s corduroy jeans by the flickering light of an enormous candle that has been burning in her log cabin since 1964. Knight lives in a small rural town in the Pacific Northwest, alone. She can be contacted through her great-great-niece, Lorelei Vashti, via dressmemory.com , Instagram, or Twitter.