Underbaron Quimley No-Pipes Wheelbarrow III

written by Underbaron Quimley No-Pipes Wheelbarrow III

Underbaron Quimley No-pipes Wheelbarrow III, Ninth Burl of Whimsymere, Keeper of Her Majesty’s Secret Bun Cupboard, and the last of his line after the Wheelbarrows were decimated in the great scoliosis plague of 1997. He is a rare thing in a sea of things that are not rare – a writer of both high and low brow literature. His entertainments have graced pages such as the one you see above you, and other such pages so numerous that to list even one would be exhausting. His work has been described as 'this is something that someone has written' (Shroomsperp Post) and 'cowboys… not… awful' (The Daily Whippet). He is represented in Australia by his distant uncle Adam Hadley, who is a cofounder of Bad!Slam!No!Memoir!.