14 November 2018

Fasten your ovaries:


27-DEC 2018 – 1 JAN 2019

Times and days in the majestic program image below:

13 May 2018

If you like the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary …

That will have no bearing whatsoever on whether or not you like the debut non-fiction book from FFA founder Jackie Ryan. But you’re welcome to find out what you think …

2 April 2018: FFA Goes for GOLD!

This Friday night at the Brisbane Powerhouse, Festival 2018 joins with Women of the World Festival and Knockoff to bring you an a gala event for the 2018 Commonwealth Games that includes Valkyrie Cul de Sac and Tuesday Thatch! Find out more here.

Members of the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary servicing the Queensland Writers Centre prior to our Brisbane Writers Festival engagement

Our business is pleasure

Pictured (l-r)

Thisbee Blaze (Michelle Law), Mercy McSnuggletits (Maria Lewis), Westerly Moon (Amie Kaufman), Tuesday Thatch (Carody Culver), Boadicea Ripper (Krissy Kneen), Valkyrie Cul-de-sac (Jackie Ryan), Pepita LePage (Neridah Waters), Sylvia Da Silva (Pascalle Burton). Photo: Anthony Mullins.

 30 July 2017

The Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary is positively pulsating with the news that we will be penetrating

Brisbane Writers Festival

with our pulchritudinous prose!

Saturday 9 September, 7pm. Click here for details!

November 2016

Join the FFA for a MEGA SALON with an all-star, all-hair, all-shoulderpads cast of literary luminaries.


@ Brisbane Powerhouse

Book here!

Brisbane Powerhouse show

November 2016

The FFA is making an exhibition of itself at the Brisbane Powerhouse from November-Mid December. Come see the spectacle!

Brisbane Powerhouse exhibition

29 April 2016

Dressed for success with Valkyrie, Tuesday, and Gina Rhymehard (Leah Shelton) at The Planting festival!

The Planting

20 February 2016

Behold! A sumptuous soundcloud link to an arresting ABC radio interview with the FFA!  Sumptuous soundcloud link to an arresting ABC interview!

All hail Glynn Greensmith!


10 January 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year already: time to launch the FFA’s annual Feathered Quill competition! Pen your very own pulsatingly purple piece of fanciful fiction, and you could win both minor acclaim AND join last year’s winners Michelle Law and Adam Hadley as owners of satisfyingly gaudy trophies with which to seduce future lovers.

Entry is free and open to anyone willing to ignore the generally accepted conventions of good writing. Pieces should feature elements of romance, oddity, and comedy, and be around 600-800 words. Peruse the FFA website for titillation-slash-inspiration. We welcome your double entrendres with open arms and legs. 

You have one month! The only ineligible entries are those stories that have already won a FFA award.


Submit your steamy stuff to convenor@fancifulfictionauxiliary.com by 10 February 2016! Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day!

23 November 2015


Friends, fans, lovers, acquaintances, and plus-ones: the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary is simply damp with excitement over its impending return to the glorious sweatpit that is the Woodford Folk Festival. Join us as we wring the moisture from our wigs, slide our polyester attire over our gently perspiring limbs, and breathe heavily into an assortment of microphones. Catch us on Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 December as we cavort our way through this year’s illustrious WordFood program with shining eyes, shinier faces, and shiniest-of-all ladyparts. Shalom!



25 July 2015


What rhymes with romance?

Not much, as it turns out … except for the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary at the 2015 Queensland Poetry Festival! That’s right, readers—let us coax you with our carnal couplets, seduce you with our sensual stanzas, and vex you with our venereal verse. Be ravished by our questionable rhymes as we emcee the magnificent festival opening night, Walking on a Dream, on Friday 28 August at the Judy; come back for more on Sunday 30 August to see us deliver our quivering word babies live on stage at the Electric Blue cabaret. Give us your hands ( … make sure they’re clean first) and join us as we passionately palpate the prurient possibilities of poetry!

8 May 2015


Behold, Fanciful Fanatics! The inaugural winners of the FFA’s mildly coveted Feathered Quill Award have been graced with their gloriously glittering trophies in a grandiose imaginary ceremony, riotously resplendent with yachts, ponies, mid-tier champagne, and canapés of questionable origin, all conducted beneath the calming gaze of our hand-glazed, life-sized Barbara Cartland bust (and in the majestic presence of Lars the Mannequin). Convulsive congratulations to our wondrous winners, Adam Hadley (Underbaron Quimley No-Pipes Wheelbarrow III) and Michelle Law (Thisbe Blaze), whose tumescent tales will be live on the FFA site soon(ish).

It is our indefatigable honour to announce, with most gracious humility, that FFA denizens Valkyrie Cul-De-Sac and Tuesday Thatch will publicly expose their talent at the next Queensland Poetry Festival Riverbend event on 28 April, 2015.


Tickets are selling quickly and fast! (Click here for details)

Fellow literary travellers include Ellen Van Neeren in poetry mode, the inaugural Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize winner Lidija Cvetkovic doing her first feature in many years, and a special set by contemporary Tibetan musician Tenzin Choegyal.



The FFA’s lioness of letters, Valkyrie Cul-De-Sac, and its maestro of murderous mise-en-scene, Minty McGee, will be reading aloud their ravishing romances at BAD!SLAM!NO!MEMOIR! this Thursday night, 2nd April, at the Old Museum Building. Be there, or … no. There are no alternatives.

Just be there.

(And click here)





Over here at FFA HQ, we’ve been rigorously and rhythmically working our way through the hot flood of carnally captivating competition entries we’ve received for our moderately anticipated inaugural Feathered Quill Award; we’ve experienced so many happy endings that we simply don’t know where to begin.

A good place to start is probably with our third place finalist, Westerly Winds [Lara Stephenson], whose erotic equestrian escapade, ‘Earl Grey’, made us turn fifty shades of crimson. What a ride! In second place, April Showers [Kellie Vella], drilled deep into our nether parts with her tale of dental desire, ‘Mouth Wide Shut’. 

But there were two tales in particular that hooked our hearts and lit up our loins—so this year, we’re awarding two ravishing writers joint first place and matching Feathered Quill trophies. What a thrill! Our 2015 winners are Thisbe Blaze [Michelle Law], whose pulsating plasma romance, ‘Twilight’, made us lose gallons of vital fluids; and Underbaron Quimley No-Pipes Wheelbarrow III [Adam Hadley], whose wanton wild west wonder, ‘Knockdown in Peg Town’, had us flinging open the saloon doors of salacity and sliding the gun of yearning into the holster of satisfaction.

Concupiscent congratulations to all of our delightfully deserving winners, and to each and every author who submitted their erotically excellent entries. Our voluptuous victors will have their winsome work published on the FFA site very soon, and we’ve assembled an amorously astounding line-up of romantic reading from other sensual scribes that’s scheduled for the months ahead. Shalom!


The inaugural Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary competition:


Attention, amatory and amusing authors! Prepare to emerge from your cocoons like butterflies and spread your writerly wings for the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary’s inaugural Feathered Quill Competition! Entries should be between 500‒1000 words, contain elements of oddity, comedy, and romance, and be submitted by 9 February, 2015. Entry is free, and multiple submissions are permitted. The winning entry will be determined by Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary Convener, Grand-Vice-Executive-Chancellor & Supreme Foundational Member Valkyrie Cul-de-sac, and the winner will be proudly presented with the soon-to-be coveted ‘Feathered Quill’ title and trophy (mockup pictured*), and will possibly be persuaded to be published by the FFA. Copyright will remain with the author. Please submit your smouldering sentences to convenor@fancifulfictionauxiliary.com with the subject header ‘The Feathered Quill’. The breathtaking results will be breathlessly announced with baited breath on Valentine’s Day, 2015.


*sunset not included.

January 2, 2015

Behind the Velvet Curtain at the Woodford Folk Festival


Moments before our Woodford debut!





IT’S (a)LIVE!!!


An Evening with the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary

Fanciful fans, we’re definitively delighted to deliver you a notably newsworthy nugget: our titillating travelling troupe is preparing to perform for five fantastic days at this year’s Woodford Folk Festival! Watch us perspire winsomely beneath our lavish layers of wigs and polyester as we stimulate your senses with a selection of scandalously sensual stories! Imbibe the intimate details here: http://www.woodfordfolkfestival.com/programme/?genre=3


August 17, 2014

Pepita St John St John Amber


Thank you, darling public, for bearing witness to our debut salon performance last night. Pictured (l-r): some of our marvellous members, Pepita LePage, St John St John, and Amber Lance.


June 25, 2014


IT’S (a)LIVE!!!


An Evening with the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary

Join us for Mills & Boom!—our personally acclaimed stage debut at the New Globe Theatre as part of the Brisbane Fringe Festival. We promise a night of bosom-heaving, lip-quivering ecstasy as select FFA members regale you with their smouldering romance stories at this simply stupendous salon!

One night only!

8pm – 9pm, Saturday 16 August at the New Globe Theatre
(220 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane)

Featuring alter-egos of Lucas Stibbard, Neridah Waters, Lisa Fa’alafi,
Kathryn Kelly, Carody Culver, and Jackie Ryan.

Book via Stickytickets.

Valkyrie Cul-de-sac

A highly intelligent, natural born leader, Valkyrie Cul-de-sac is the Convenor, Grand-Vice-Executive-Chancellor, and Supreme Foundational Member of the FFA. She is aware of many awards. Among Valkyrie’s myriad gifts is a preternatural bespoke-artisanal-boutique-couture writing talent that is the envy of other people’s eyes; but she does not let their jealousy affect her generosity. Valkyrie formed and commands the FFA as part of a commendable philanthropic desire to ‘give something back’. [She is also the unwieldy ego alias of Jackie Ryan, who can be found in digital form at www.jackieryan.net and www.burgerforce.com]