For five days over the Christmas / New Year period (2014/15), the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary’s titillating travelling troupe performed at the sultry Woodford Folk Festival.

Our Woodford salon swans were Tuesday Thatch [AKA Carody Culver, pictured above in thoughtful repose prior to taking the stage], Underbaron Quimley No-Pipes Wheelbarrow III, Pepita Le Page, St John St John, and Valkyrie Cul-de-Sac [AKA Adam Hadley, Neridah Waters, Lucas Stibbard, and Jackie Ryan].

We winsomely perspired beneath our lavish layers of wigs and polyester as we stimulated the crowd’s senses with a selection of scandalously sensual stories. 

And concupiscent congratulations to our Auslan interpreter for his enthusiastic embrace of our erotic output!