What rhymes with romance?

How about ‘sexy glance’? The Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary vibrated with voluptuous verse at the 2015 Queensland Poetry Festival.

We coaxed crowds with our carnal couplets, seduced them with our sensual stanzas, and vexed them with our venereal verse.

They were ravished by our questionable rhymes as we emceed the magnificent festival opening night on Friday 28 August at the Judy; and they came back on Sunday 30 August to see Underbaron Quimley No-Pipes Wheelbarrow III, Tuesday, and Valkyrie deliver quivering word-babies live on stage at the Electric Blue Cabaret. Then they crowded in confused awe when Valkyrie wrapped things up as the not-so-secret guest of the Australian Poetry Slam Queensland Final.

The gasping crowds gave us their helpless hands (having made sure they were clean first) as we passionately palpated the prurient possibilities of poetry.