Oh John Farnham
My love for you is Vietnam
I burn for you
It’s me you should do
So take the pressure down
Let your hair abound
Please don’t cuss
Have a little faith in us
We’ve got two strong hearts
I like all of your parts

You’re my baby, John Farnham
Without you I’m post-partum
From your mountain to my valley
Lies the ocean of my love alley
If true love’s when your heart’s on fire
Your stricken face must mean desire
For that special touch of paradise
Grant unto me your manly love rice

Sweet John Farnham
You’re my P. T. Barnum
So hold me in your arms
Please don’t sound the alarms
You’re the voice
That makes my loins rejoice
and now is not the season
For the age of reasonFragile John Farnham
Our love should be bipartisan
Every time you cry
I’ll reach for your fly
Your penile solution’s
one shot in a revolution
our juices combined are no cause for chagrin
this time biology’s playin’ to win

About the Author

A highly intelligent, natural born leader, Valkyrie Cul-de-sac is the Convenor, Grand-Vice-Executive-Chancellor, and Supreme Foundational Member of the FFA. She is aware of many awards. 

Among Valkyrie’s myriad gifts is a preternatural bespoke-artisanal-boutique-couture writing talent that is the envy of other people’s eyes; but she does not let their jealousy affect her generosity. Valkyrie formed and commands the FFA as part of a commendable philanthropic desire to ‘give something back’. 

She is also the unwieldy ego alias of Jackie Ryan, who can be found in digital form at www.jackieryan.net and www.burgerforce.com