“The literary progeny we midwife at the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary is of such recherché that publishers throughout the world are too jealous to print it.”

Raison d'être

Come Hither!

Welcome, cultural elite, to our literary tour-de-extreme-force, the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary. World infamous across the globe and more, the FFA is a personally acclaimed writers' group with a positively threatening amount of talent.

Throbbing Members

Our gifted members deliver bespoke-artisanal-boutique-couture-craft word-babies—known to simpler folk as ‘stories’—into the grateful hearts and imploded minds of the gasping literary world.

Eye Arousal

Browse our accumulated literary birth matter at this, our hand-crafted website, or be stimulated live at one of our legendary ‘salon’ evenings (details of which are heralded through our sophisticated social media channels).

Favourite Positions

Membership of the FFA is legion, yet also incredibly exclusive. It is led by its inspirational leader: Convenor, Grand-Vice-Executive-Chancellor, and Supreme Foundational Member, Valkyrie Cul-de-Sac. Simultaneous co-founding members and co-2ICs are Misty Dawn and Tuesday Thatch.


Our artists put the 'art' in 'art'. Not even Stanislavski could so mellifluously portray the verdant undergrowth of humanity's emotional colour wheel that bursts from our pages like fireworks from the ocean. Our writers are visual sherpas, crafting a veritable emotional Rorschach experience via the technicolour dreams of their cover art. Look into their eyes. Read them. Touch them. With your eyes.

Chenille Voss in

'The Love Instrument'

[Pascalle Burton]

April Showers in

'Close Encounters'

[Kellie Vella]

Honey Golightly in

'The Longing'

[Katherine Lyall-Watson]

Thisbee Blaze in

'Touched By An Angel'

[Michelle Law]


“We will not allow petty publishing industry mind games to prevent us from exposing ourselves.”

Works of the Founders

See how the literary rupture began. Know why there is no turning back.