Over here at FFA HQ, we rigorously and rhythmically worked our way through the hot flood of carnally captivating competition entries for our moderately anticipated inaugural Feathered Quill Award; we experienced so many happy endings that we almost didn’t know where to begin.

But there were two tales in particular that hooked our hearts and lit up our loins—so this year, we’re awarding two ravishing writers joint first place and matching Feathered Quill trophies. What a thrill! Our 2015 winners are Thisbe Blaze [Michelle Law], whose pulsating plasma romance, ‘Twilight‘, made us lose gallons of vital fluids; and Underbaron Quimley No-Pipes Wheelbarrow III [Adam Hadley], whose wanton Wild West wonder, ‘Knockdown in Peg Town‘, had us flinging open the saloon doors of salacity and sliding the gun of yearning into the holster of satisfaction.

Underbaron Quimley No-Pipes Wheelbarrow III [Adam Hadley] and Thisbe Blaze [Michelle Law] with their sensational statues. Photo: Valkyrie Cul-de-Sac [Jackie Ryan]

Concupiscent congratulations to our delightfully deserving winners, and to each and every author who submitted their erotically excellent entries. The inaugural winners were graced with their gloriously glittering trophies in a grandiose imaginary ceremony, riotously resplendent with yachts, ponies, mid-tier champagne, and canapés of questionable origin, all conducted beneath the calming gaze of our hand-glazed, life-sized Barbara Cartland bust (and in the majestic presence of Lars the Mannequin).

Shortly after the ceremony, Thisbe Blaze had her statuette delivered to her door via an all-male, all-nude courier service. And the Underbaron announced that this award was just the encouragement he needed to move to the pulps full time!