It’s that time of year. The time when we breathlessly and belatedly announce the bespoke winners of the Feathered Quill Award. 

And … It’s a tie! Curvaceous congratulations to Christian Mingle AKA Christopher Currie for ‘Let the Die Decide‘ and to Amity Silk AKA Becca Hazleden for ‘A Man’s Gouda Do What a Man’s Gouda Do’. 

Ms Silk churned her words into a fetching froth of fictional fromage to titillate the taste buds and fill you to the brim of your metaphorical milk pail. Mr Mingle delivered a magnificent metafictional opus of salacious sci-fi sexuality and concupiscent nerd culture carnality.

Squeeze life’s udders between your trembling fingers! Roll the twenty-sided die of your desire! Read these stories today!