Ah, Saint Valentine’s Day—surely the most sacred day of the year for us here at FFA HQ.

And it’s also, of course, the day we get to announce the winners of our annual Feathered Quill Award: those whose shuddering prose and ambrosial plotting has amorously anointed us with the dampest garters, the moistest brows, and the most improper of urges.

This year, we found ourselves aflame with literary lust for not one, but TWO turned-on tales: Räd Hallø’s dangerously sexy ‘Danger Zone … Of Love‘ requested a flyby with our libidos; and O Starrey Knight’s lasvicious ‘The Little Women‘ showed us exactly what the end of innocence looks like (extremely raunchy, as it turns out).

Please join us in fondling our tumescently talented winners with the gratitude they so deeply deserve, and give yourselves all some solo Valentine’s love by reading their stories.