"Think Mills & Boon but worse ... and yet simultaneously so much better. And thus, you've been initiated into the weird and wonderful world of the Fanciful Fiction Auxiliary."

Koren Helbig, Frankie Magazine

"The stories featured some of the worst word crimes, including excessive puns, giving more information than a Wikipedia page, and similes and metaphors to make readers cringe. Despite the intentional awfulness of their prose, each of the authors showed it takes a lot of skill to craft something that mixed trash and humour so well: taking the bad out of the phrase ‘so bad it’s good’. ‘Mills And Boom!’ won’t turn on an audience, but it will make an audience howl with laughter, which is a great quality for any lover to have."

Tim Byrnes, Scenestr Magazine

"Six writers took the stage and had the audience laughing hard at their seriously ridiculous—or ridiculously serious—take on the ever-popular romance genre. Amber Lance, Pepita Le Page, Misty Dawn, Tuesday Thatch, Valkyrie Cul-de-sac, and St John St John, all dug deeply into their profound insight into the delicate flower that is human love, and together produced a colourful bouquet of hilarity that they threw to their adoring fans."

Matthew Wengert, One Page Brisbane